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Combat optical sight

Optical sight is tactical equipment mounted to a pistol or a rifle to assist in aiming. There are a number of tactical optical sight types, but today the most common ones are:

  • Magnifier optical sight. This type of sights has a magnifying system of lenses that optically enlarges the image in the sight and offers some type of a crosshair to aim too. Thanks to simplicity of construction and relatively low weight, the magnifier sight can be installed almost on any type of a gun.
  • Reflex sights or red dot sights. Tactical sights of this type display a reflected image of the reticle projected by an LED light. The red light emitted by the LED is reflected by the mirror to the eye of a shooter. Optical sights of this type are nearly parallax-free and are quite affordable too. The reflex red dot sights and basic red dot sights are essentially the same. The only difference is design – tube or open.
  • Holographic sights. Holosights are a type of tactical optical sights that project a holographic reticle over the image in the sight. This allows for completely parallax-free aiming. Also, a shooter does not have to refocus his or her eye when aiming, because the hologram is projected on the same optical plane as the image. Holosights can be used together with magnifier optics. On the minus side, holographic sights are rather weighty so they cannot be installed on pistols.

Tactical optical sights

Which type of a gunsight to prefer? This strongly depends on your goals and situations you will be facing with. Depending on typical ranges you work at, on weather conditions and, of course, the weapon you are to install the optical sight, your choice of a particular model may be different. For instance, red dot sights are fragile so they are not suitable for rough conditions, while regular magnifier sights are subject to parallax distortion so they cannot be reliably used at longer ranges.

Make sure to add several models of the above tactical optical sights to comparison for an informed buy of sight optical. And if you still cannot make a decision, please don’t hesitate to contact our online consultants, we will be glad to help you. Also, here is great guide on the most common types of combat sights. Sight, an optical one, of course, is a great purchase whether you are a seasoned pro or just opening the world of firearms and shooting.

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