Mini Reflex Sights

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Mini Red Dot Reflex Sight

This little helper ensures faster target acquisition while adding literally no extra weight to your handgun. Meet compact reflex mini sight – a must-have tool to mount on your rifle or pistol. Let’s take a closer look.

Mini shot reflex sight

So, what is a mini red dot reflex sight? A small optical device installed on to your handgun that projects a reticle image to your eye when you aim at a target. The semi-reflective glass allows both the light coming from the target and the light coming from the LED meet in your eye, so you see both the target and the red dot reticle and hence enjoy easier aiming as well as more accurate shooting.

Mini reflex sights typically have quite compact sizes and low weight, so they can be installed not only on to hunting rifles or shotguns, but also to small handguns like pistols.

How to choose a red dot mini reflex sight?

There are a number of things to consider when you buy a mini shot reflex sight for your duties or outdoors activities.

  • Durability. Mini red dot reflex sights offered in our shop have extra durability thanks to solid hard aluminum housing. The glass is also shockproof, so you can use it mercilessly.
  • Red dot reticle size. Some tactics and ranges require smaller reticle so the target would not be obscured by the red dot. Other ranges may require an easier visible reticle shape.
  • Brightness. Make sure the brightness is enough for the light conditions you will be using the mini red dot reflex sight in. Perfectly, the brightness should be adjustable.
  • Field of view. After acquiring the moving target, you should follow it, so a decent field of view is important. Make sure the housing of the sight does not obscure the view creating blind zones and preventing you from following the target. This spec is especially important at a long range.
  • Waterproof. Your reflex sight will be with your regardless of the weather outside, so make sure it is protected from elements.
  • User-friendly. It goes without saying that using your gun must remain comfortable, whether with or without the optics. Plus, the red dot sight itself must also prove to be friendly: easy battery change without dismounting the shield sight, a number of mounting options to fit any gun you want, a large and clear window etc.
  • Battery life. While seemingly a minor spec, the battery life is in fact important. You don’t want to stop the fun just because the compact reflex sight battery is out of charge. Look for models with at least 20,000 hours of battery life.
  • Low profile. If you intend to conceal the handgun under your clothes, you may want to look for micro red dot reflex sights with extra low profile.