Industrial Blast Blankets

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Blast Blankets

What do you need to get the most protection from explosions and fragmentation flying around like crazy bees? Blast blankets. This type of cover contains the explosion and does not let it go wild and deliver maximum damage. Of course, true protection blankets can protect not only from hand grenades and mines, but also from other types of threats. Let’s see.

Protective blankets

Blast protection blankets

A blast protection blanket is made from a fiber layered material, much like the one in your typical Kevlar or Aramid body armor. The blanket is extremely hard to tear, so the explosion energy gets contained inside and does not cause the amount of damage it was designed to inflict.

Blast blankets can deal with relatively powerful explosions caused by hand grenades, gas explosions, fire blasts and so on. They are fireproof, and can also serve ballistic protection purposes, because technically blast blankets are nothing more than ballistic blankets on steroids.

Industrial blankets

Industrial blankets are designed to provide additional protection on industrial facilities. Examples of potential uses include: fire protection, temperature protection, shock protection, blast protection. Industrial blankets can be used as a main or additional safety measure when working with certain mechanisms or technology processes: welding, melting, working with hydraulic presses, industrial shredders and so on.

Typical industrial blankets are often inflammable and are temperature resistant too which allows them to protect a user from weld splatter, arc flash or heat. Chemical neutrality is important for protection on chemical factories where various toxic, acidic or chemically active substances can be used.

EMF protection blanket

Strong electromagnetic fields are a potential source of injuries too. Plus, EMF can damage sensitive equipment, so EMFprotection blankets serve two purposes at once. Common uses include individual protection against electromagnetic pulses, high-frequency radiation such as 4G or 5G signals, or EMF induced by electric currents.

EMF protection blankets can also be used to guard electronics from electromagnetic fields that can cause damage to electronic components of such devices. The idea of the EMF blanket is to create a Faraday’s cage that will greatly reduce the intensity of the field.

Ballistic protection barriers

Ballistic blankets are a flexible way to protect one or more persons from ballistic threats such as bullets and projectiles. Such blankets are made of non-woven synthetic fabric that is extremely tear-resistant, so they can deal with enormous energy of the bullet and redistribute it across the blanket thereby effectively stopping the projectile.

Who needs ballistic blankets? All kinds of police and law enforcement personnel use ballistic blankets as a way to protect civilians or by passers from occasional shots during shooting accidents. Such blankets are also a great way to secure a room against bullet threats by hanging the blankets on windows.


If you are looking for some additional protection in situation where individual armor and protective equipment cannot do, check our catalog. There are a range of high quality blast blankets and ballistic blankets available on our website. And if you have further questions, please contact BattleSteel directly, we are always happy to help.

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