Ballistic shield level IIIA

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Ballistic Shields Level IIIA

When it comes to some minor yet efficient ballistic shields, you should look at decent and affordable Level 3A ballistic shields. This protection class combines protection from all popular pistol rounds with extremely low weight which is crucial in many security and law enforcement applications.

Make the long story short: what are Level IIIA ballistic shields?

When you look for a ballistic shield you typically face two offers: level 3 shields and level 3A shields. So, what’s the difference? Should you prefer one or the other?

Let’s make it clear: the levels of protection are standardized and controlled by the National Institute of Justice, or NIJ. This organization certifies body armor and protective equipment (incl. ballistic shields) against protective capabilities against certain types of ammo and velocities of bullets.

The currently applied classes are (from the ones offering least protection to ones with the most protection):

  • Level II
  • Level IIIA
  • Level III
  • Level IV

As you see, Level 3 ballistic shields offer more serious protection comparing to Level 3A shields. What does this mean, specifically?

What bullets do ballistic shields Level IIIA protect from?

NIJ certifies a Level IIIA shield as such if it can safely withstand the following types of calibers:

  • 9mm FMJ RN
  • .357 Magnum
  • .357 SIG FMJ FN
  • .44 Magnum

Since these types of ammo are the most common ones among criminal elements, ballistic shields that are certified against requirements of NIJ Level IIIA offer protection in most typical situations a guard, a police officer, or court security may face.

Sure enough, for some serious encounters or assaults you better prefer a higher class of protection. But if you need super-lightweight yet decent protection, take a look at our NIJ level 3A ballistic shields.

Prices for Ballistic shield level IIIA

Name Price
BattleSteel TACLite 20x36 Level 3A Ballistic Shield with View Port 22 Lbs. $1,099.98
Ballistic Shields Level IIIA 30x20 by Battle Steel®️ $449.98
Ballistic Shield With Viewport Level 3A 36x20 by Battle Steel®️ $509.98
Transparent Ballistic Shield Level IIIA 30x20 by Battle Steel®️ $749.98