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In today’s world, it is more important than ever to keep yourself safe with top quality security equipment. Aside from tactical surveillance gear like security cameras, you can also purchase tactical defence products. Whether you are looking for supplies for your home and everyday use, or for law enforcement or military purposes, there are several different security solutions available to you.

What are the different kinds of tactical defence gear you can buy and where can you find a dependable security supplies store?

What are the types of security gear?

  • Ballistic shield

For police and military officers, a ballistic shield is one of the vital elements of tactical defence gear. The technology of weapons and shields is rapidly progressing, and there are many different options available today – from lightweight, foldable composite shields which allow you to wield a shield and weapon, to large ceramic shields which can protect multiple officers at the same time.

  • Ballistic vest

The most popular type of body armour is a Ballistic vest which is reinforced with armoured plates. These plates can be hard or soft and are manufactured from materials such as compressed laminates, high-density polyethylene, ceramics and Kevlar, each with their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of cost, weight and threat-protection level. 

  • Riot gear

Law enforcement, military and security services rely on riot gear during times of civil unrest. Two common forms of riot equipment are face shields of varying thicknesses which protect the wearer against projectiles, liquids, scratches etc, and tactical riot shields of different sizes, usually constructed from polycarbonate or polyethylene. As riot shields generally do not provide protection against high-velocity ballistic threats, riot police should also wear Ballistic vests. 

  • Ballistic backpack

Ballistic backpacks provide ideal protection for students and staff at educational institutions and people who spend time in areas with high levels of crime, or want extra protection just in case. They are designed to be worn in everyday life. The Ballistic Panels are lightweight and inconspicuous, thus shielding the wearer from short and long-barrelled handgun ammunition with minimal increase in weight. Customers can choose a backpack with a built-in armoured plate or a plate-carrier Ballistic backpack with a removable panel. 

  • Ballistic blanket

An alternative to the Ballistic backpack or vest is the Ballistic blanket. It can be hung on doors, windows and walls, used to cover a stationary or moving person, and is suitable for various situations such as vehicle or indoor use. In addition to the wide scope of protection a Ballistic blanket provides, it can be rolled up for easy storage and transportation.

The National Institute of Justice has defined categories of threat-specific protection level for the security equipment listed above (with the exception of riot shields), ranging from Level II – IV, to help customers purchase the appropriate tactical defence gear.

Where can I find a security supplies store?

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