Ballistic shields level III

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Ballistic Shields Level 3

We don’t offer many, we offer the best. We have hand-picked the best NIJ-certified Level 3 tested ballistic shields both for personal use and for law enforcement operations.

What is NIJ Level III protection

The National Institute of Justice or NIJ standardizes various levels of protection depending on what kind of bullets and calibers the shield can reliably withstand.
What kind of protection can you expect from a Level III ballistic shield? A certified Level 3 ballistic shield can protect against the following types of ammo:

  • Pistol 9mm
  • Magnum .357
  • Magnum .44
  • Rifle calibers
  • 5.56 mm
  • 7.62x39 (AK47)
  • 7.62x51 (NATO)

What is the best material for Level 3 ballistic shield

Just like body armor, ballistic shields are made of various materials including carbon fiber, polyethylene, aramid, as well as steel, and composite materials. None of these materials, however, could be called “the best”. Why? Simply because if a ballistic shield is certified against some threat level, it is safe and guarantees some level of protection regardless of the material it is made of.

However, not all materials are made equal. Generally, we recommend sticking to shields made of modern composite materials, such as hybrid composite or UHMWPE. Such innovative materials combine high protective capabilities and relatively low weight. Minimum weight means maximum mobility which is crucial during tactical operations, assaults or emergency responses.

What are other features of a ballistic shield Level III you should pay attention to?

Ballistic shields come in different sizes, shapes and designs. Choosing the right one depends on how you will be using it in a real combat situation. V-shaped shields provide better mobility, while rectangular ballistic shields offer more coverage. Shields are often equipped with a glass window made of special polycarbonate bullet-resistant glass. Such a viewport allows assessing a situation while remaining under cover.

Pay close attention to straps, handles and the inner coating of the shield. After all, you will be using it in intense situations where every minor discomfort can possibly lead to major (and unpleasant) consequences.


Level 3 is a basic and the most versatile class of the ballistic shield recommended for police, border patrol, law enforcement officers, securities, SWAT and other users.

Prices for Ballistic shields level III

Name Price
Ballistic Shield With View Port Level III 30x20 by Battle Steel®️ $979.98
Ballistic Shield With Viewport Level III 24x50 by Battle Steel®️ $1,449.98
Level 3 36x20 Ballistic Shields w/x-Large Viewport $1,249.98
Ballistic Shield Level III 30x20 by Battle Steel®️ $949.98