Level IIIA Plates

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Level IIIA armored plates

     When researching which body armor to purchase, customers encounter multiple brands, models, and materials. Your first consideration should be the ‘Level’ assigned to the armored plate by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). Ranging from Level IIA to Level IV, the NIJ’s classifications are based on the ballistic threats that the armored plate is engineered to stop and tested against specific rounds and environmental factors. This will help you make the safest choice of body armor.

What are the advantages of Level IIIA body armor plates?

     Level IIIA armor is praised for its versatility. Both hard and soft Level IIIA plates are more lightweight than the next category up (Level III), making them suitable for everyday civilian wear and for tactical use by police officers. Soft armor can be made into large plates that are ideal for use as ballistic blankets and is comfortable and discreet for wearing underneath clothes or placing in a backpack. While hard plates are less comfortable to wear, they can be just as thin and lightweight as soft ones. Overall, Level IIIA is the most common category of soft armor that you’ll find, as it offers the highest level of protection available in a flexible and comfortable plate.

What materials are Level IIIA plates made of?

     Battlesteel’s Level IIIA armor is fabricated from Polyethylene , which is much lighter than ceramic or steel plates belonging to higher NIJ levels. A 10” x 12” Level IIIA soft Polyethylene plate weighs less than 1lb in comparison to 3.5 lbs. for a similar Level III plate – and this makes a real difference if you plan to wear your armor for long periods of time. We offer both hard and soft Level IIIA plates, which are the same thickness (6.5 mm) and weigh practically the same.

What cut of Level IIIA plate can you purchase?

    Our Level IIIA ballistic plates are available in shooter’s cut with a single curve, which contours around the wearer’s torso, provides a good area of coverage, and allows you to move your arms with ease. We also sell a flexible plate measuring 12” x 26” for the Vertx Commuter Sling backpack.

What ballistic threats can Level IIIA armor plates stop?

     Battlesteel’s Level IIIA armor plates are tested to NIJ Standards to protect against 9mm FMJ and .44 Magnum rounds.

Prices for Level IIIA Plates

Name Price
Concealable Armor Vests Level 3A by Battle Steel®️ $369.98
Tactical Vest Level IIIA Multi-Threat Armor by Battle Steel®️ $399.98
Ballistic & Stab Armor Plate Level IIIA by Battle Steel®️ $59.98
Armor Package Level IIIA by Battle Steel®️ $129.98