Reflex Holographic Sights

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  • Optical Holographic Sight XPS2-0 by EOTech Optical Holographic Sight XPS2-0 by EOTech


    The following general specifications apply to most EOTech holographic weapon sights models. Operation Optics: Holography Magnification: 1x Eye Relief: Unlimited Sealing: Internally fog-resistant optics Adjustment (per click): Approx 0.5 MOA...
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  • Optical Holographic Sight AMG UH-1 GEN II by Vortex Optical Holographic Sight AMG UH-1 GEN II by Vortex


    When you rely on a tactical optic to keep you in the game, you’ve got to be ready to shine, day or night. The AMG® UH-1® Gen II is the close-quarters solution you’ve been asking for, offering an incredibly fast holographic display to...
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Reflex Holographic Sight

When you need to improve your aim significantly and are not ready for compromises, your choice is a reflex holographic sight. This type of a non-magnifying weapon sight combines superior imaging of a reticle with almost parallax-free operation which allows you to effectively use the holosight both at close range and at a distance.

Holographic reflex gun sights


The principle of operation behind a holographic reflex gun sight is as follows. A light-emitting diode or a laser emits light through the holographic image of the reticle placed onto a special film. Then this light is reflected by the prism mirror to the eye of a shooter. Based on this principle, such a sight is called either “reflex sight” or “holographic sight”, or both. Because that’s what it is.


  • Little to no parallax distortion. Unlike a rifle scope, holographic reflex gun sights display zero parallax, which means you always hit the point you aim at.
  • The reticle is in the same optical plane as the target. The holographic image is effectively 3D, so the actual reticle projected into your eye looks like it is overimposed on the target, that is “floats” over the target in the same optical plane. This means refocusing your eye is not needed.
  • Clear vision. Reflex holographic sights are best suited for both day and night duties because of their 100% transparent window and hence maximum light transmitted.
  • Can be used with a magnifier. Mount a magnifying optics to your gun - your holographic reflex sight is totally compatible with other aiming devices.
  • Durability. Reflex holosights offered by BattleSteel are shock- and waterproof, and are ready to perform their duty in any conditions you may face with.


  • Higher cost. You knew this, right? Well, if you want top quality, there is a price you will have to pay. 
  • Weight. Reflex holographic sights are often bulky, so you may not want to install them to handguns.