Tactical Respirator and CBRN Filters

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What are Tactical Respirators

A tactical respirator is a protective device designed to prevent inhaling toxic gases, combustion products and dangerous particulates. This is critical for law enforcement officers performing their duty in smoke pollution conditions, or during riots when the tear gas can be used.

A tactical respirator is equipped with a CBRN filter capable of protecting lungs from the majority of chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear hazards, hence the name. Such filters must be replaced in time, though, in order to maintain the highest level of protection of APR respirators. In canister respirators the cartridge-type filter allows for quick and easy changing of filters. The CBRN cartridge in air purifying respirators is usually sold individually as well as in set with the respirator.

How to choose a tactical respirator

You should know that there are different kinds of respirators on the market. The simplest ones are those that protect only against particulates. Example of this type of a respirator is a face mask we all got used to during the pandemia. Such respirators provide only basic protection from mechanical or biological contaminants, but do not offer any advanced protection from toxic gases, riot agents or smoke.

Then, there are Air-Purifying respirators, or APR respirators that use a system of CBRN filters to eliminate most hazards from the air. However, APR respirators are only effective when used with a proper type of a filter. And the cartridges eventually get old and need to be replaced.

Finally, there are tactical SCBA - a fully standalone breathing apparatus. It does not have any filters - it just does not need them, because in SCBA you alway breathe fresh air from the air tank on your back. Firefighters are the most well-known users of tactical SCBA, but Spec Ops, chemical corps and law enforcement officers are also welcome.

Choosing the right tactical respirator requires preliminary assessment of possible hazards and dangers. There is no one respirator that protects from everything. You should take into account presumable exposure time, type of the hazard and other factors. Make sure to fit the mask of the TR tightly on your face. If you experience difficulties choosing the proper size of the mask, please don’t hesitate to contact our consultants.

Tactical respirators available on

As a leading provider of quality tactical equipment and apparel, we offer the following types of tactical respirators.

AVON respirators

Avon Protection is one of the leaders in manufacturing tactical respiratory protective equipment. Gas masks, riot filters, air purifying respirators and interchangeable cartridges are among products of the company. The best models such as AVON C50 mask, AVON FM53 mask or AVON FM54 mask are available in our catalog.

Protection respirators

Protecting your lungs and eyes is the whole purpose of tactical respirators, that is why they are often called that way. Protection respirators equipped with CBRN filters are capable of greatly decreasing the chance of you inhaling something that makes you sick or even die. The CBRN filter coupled with the riot agent filter allows special response teams and SWAT to perform their duties regardless of the environment.

Tactical SCBA

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus or SCBA are heavy but super efficient. Thanks to independent air supply, an operator breathes clean air in the really harsh conditions where even the best cartridge filters just won’t do. Leave a request if you are interested in one of those.