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Red Dot Bow Sights

Equipping your bow with a red dot sight? Sounds like a great idea. But are there any red dot bow sights on the market? What are differences between red dot sights for bows and rifle sights? BattleSteel has you covered.

What is a red dot bow sight?

Just like a normal rifle sight, red dot bow sights project a small red dot to your eye, so when you look through the sight, you see both your target and the red dot in the aimpoint. The principle of operation of such a red dot sight is also well-known: an LED emits the red light which gets narrowed by the collimator and the semi-transparent mirror creating the image of a red dot reticle in your eyesight.

With such a device attached to your bow, you can increase your shootingaccuracy. And the best part is that you can do this for a very affordable price, because there are plenty of reflex sights for sale that you can mount both on firearms and on a bow.

Rifle sights and bow sights – what are the differences

The main difference between rifle sights and bow sights is the mount system. Unlike rifles and pistols, bows typically do not have a standardized frame to mount a red dot sight to. That is why red dot bow sights come with an adjustable mount system that allows you to attach the sight to almost any commercially available bow. You can find such red dot archery sights in the BattleSteel catalog.

From the technical point of view, the archery red dots are 100% identical to those installed onto a shotgun or a pistol. Indeed, the reflex optics is the same and the red dot reticle is projected the same way too. 

The similar construction poses the same set of advantages and disadvantages red dot bow sights display: parallax-free, simple targeting, lightweight but somewhat prone to target overlapping if the red dot size in MOA is chosen wrong and mostly suitable for short range shooting only.

However, when using with a bow, red dot sight provide additional advantages:

  • Economy. With a pistol, a miss is a miss, that’s all. But with a bow, missed arrows are lost arrows. And every arrow costs money. Red dot improves your aim, so you lose less arrows.
  • Both eyes are open. A red dot sight allows you shooting with both eyes open. This is critical when hunting to spot the game early and follow it easier.
  • Lightweightand compact. Nobody wants to drag heavy equipment for hours while tracking the animal.
  • Humane. Well-aimed shot is lethal, so the animal dies instantly and painlessly.

The above being said and also because the bow itself is a short to medium range weapon, we can conclude that red dot sight is a must-have device for a bow. It literally revs up the emotions you get from archery, whether you do it at the shooting range of while hunting. Definitely worth trying even for shooters who just use the bow only occasionally.

Reflex sights for sale

The problem with red dot bow sights is price. If you search across the web you can easily see they are overpriced. While red dots are normally rather cheap, there are too few affordable reflex sights on the market. So if you want to buy a reflex sight for your bow, or if you are looking for the best cheap reflex sight, make sure to check our catalog. 

Yes, we’ve made our best to locate and intensively test dozens of cheap red dot sights for bows available on the market, and selected the best ones of them to help you find the reflex sight that suits your budget and does its job perfectly. And if you need assistance in choosing the right model for you, please don’t hesitate to contact BattleSteel consultants directly.