Tru-Spec D30 P10 Knee Pad Set

1.20 LBS
  • Tru-Spec D30 P10 Knee Pad Set
  • Tru-Spec D30 P10 Knee Pad Set
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All D3O® pads are made from rate-sensitive, soft, flexible materials with high shock-absorbing properties and perform well across a wide range of temperatures. Field-tested by soldiers and special units in combat to offer superior protection while remaining flexible and comfortable, making them ideal for defense and law enforcement professionals.;

  1. Modular component system
  2. Low-profile and lightweight
  3. Constructed from highly durable, soft and flexible materials
  4. Developed to mitigate both hard and sharp impact energies
  5. Delivers a 50% reduction in transmitted force for superior impact protection while being 50% thinner for improved mobility and comfort
  6. When combined with the Advanced Vibram® Rubber
  7. Outer Cap on the T.R.U.® Direct Action (DA) Pants provides superior impact, puncture, flammability, and abrasion protection
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Knee Pads
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