CamelBak FR SER Max Grip Gloves, Tan

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  • CamelBak FR SER Max Grip Gloves, Tan
  • CamelBak FR SER Max Grip Gloves, Tan
  • CamelBak FR SER Max Grip Gloves, Tan
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  • 2-Year Warranty
  • Army Approved for Aviation and Combat Vehicle Crewmen (CVC)
  • NAVAIR Approved for all USN and USMC Aviation
  • Air Force Approved for all Aviation
  • CTA 50-900 Certified
  • Team Soldier Certified for US Army Combat-Approved Product List*
  • Application: Pilots and crew chiefs, tanks, gunnery, special operations, SWAT, Close Quarter Battle (CQB) and Search and Rescue (SAR).
  • Mil-Spec N303 Nomex fiber blend: 92% Nomex (flame-retardant material), 5% Kevlar® (cut resistance) and 3% P140 anti-static fiber (to provide safety around fuels, explosives and electronics)FlexCut index finger design provides maximum dexterity and flexibility without material build-up in trigger
  • Nomex Simplex knit construction -- a very tight knit structure offering excellent protection from flame, snags, runs and cuts
  • Digitally textured leather palm, fingers and knuckles provide durability and a good grip in all conditions of use
  • Perspiration / moisture resistance: tanning technology keeps leather soft and supple for the life of the glove even after repeated exposure to perspiration or moisture
  • Abrasion resistance: Leather is treated to provide increased durability
  • Concealed interior seam stitching using para-aramid thread enhances durability especially around vulnerable fingertips
  • Over-water egress or SAR applications: gloves will not lose grip or fit when wet or submersed in water and will stay soft even with repeated exposure to salt water
  • Reinforcements ergonomically placed in palm, thumb and fingers for handling ropes and cables
  • Outlasts FRP2 Flyer's Glove by 4-6 times in military applications (user comment)
  • Combat-proven by Special Forces and Special Operations
  • Nomex and Kevlar are registered trademarks of E.I. duPont de Nemours and Company.
  • Additional Glove Features: Seamless Palm, Concealed interior seam stitching using para-aramid thread


  • Materials: Mil-Spec Nomex top and sleeve: MIL-C-81393B > Mil-Spec Leather palm/fingers/knuckles: MIL-DTL-81188C > Mil-Spec Para-aramid thread: A-A55195 > Hook-and-loop wrist closure > Mil-Spec Nomex cord loop: MIL-C-83242, Type III variation
  • Series: Flame Retardant Series: superior comfort and protection
  • Sizes: Available short, without sleeve upon special order. Sage Green/Desert Tan (SKU; NSN 8415-01-536-20XX) S: MX06-08/MX04-08; 34/65 M: MX06-09/MX04-09; 35/68 L: MX06-10/MX04-10; 37/70 XL: MX06-11/MX04-11; 51/71 XXL: MX06-12/MX04-12; 61/72
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