Broco SAS Door Breacher / CF-3 spreader Entry Tool Set

1.20 LBS
  • Broco SAS Door Breacher / CF-3 spreader Entry Tool Set
  • Broco SAS Door Breacher / CF-3 spreader Entry Tool Set
  • Broco SAS Door Breacher / CF-3 spreader Entry Tool Set
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The dual setup for both inward and outward opening doors, the BRO-SAS/CF3-WP combines the Broco SAS Door Breacher with the CF-3 crows foot spreader.

The Broco SAS Door Breacher exerts hydraulic pressure through the frame cylinder between the opposing faces of a door jamb in order to provide necessary support and resistance for the pressure applied through the door piston to force the door open. 

Machined from hardened billet steel, the CF-3 has unbelievable strength and maximum reliability, making it tougher than forged competitors. The unique 90° hose swivel enables it to be easily utilized in all positions. The fast opening spreader ram has 5 inches of travel. CF-3 delivers up to 5 tons hydraulic power. Lightweight aluminum hydraulic pump body with two sets of hose quick disconnects make for easier carrying and more compact storage.



  • Heavily Reinforced Inward Opening Doors
  • Recommended for Metal Frame Doorways
  • Can be used on Lock side or Hinge side Inward Opening Doors
  • Opens all types inward and outward opening doors
  • Distorting/destroying security gates and window bars



  • Extremely fast opening
  • Sets quickly then operator is out of the funnel when the door breaks
  • Rechargeable 24V battery system
  • 10 ft. long hoses
  • Made in the U.S.A. hydraulics
  • Constructed from high strength steel 
  • Rotating swivel prevents hose binding 
  • Coupler at spreader assembly prevents hose kinking 
  • Couplers on both pump and spreader make for easier carrying and storage 
  • 10 ft. long hose for extra reach/standoff 
  • Uses standard lightweight hydraulic fluid 
  • Uses common size/type no-spill connectors 
  • User serviceable 



  • 'SAS' Door Breacher
  • 24V Power Pack
  • Two-piston Door Ram
  • 10 ft. hoses
  • Spreader Assembly with 5 Ton Ram
  • Hose Swivel with Quick Connect
  • 10 ft. Hose with Quick Connect on both ends
  • Light Weight Manual Pump with Quick Connect
  • 18 in. Pry Bar
  • Dead Blow Hammer
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