​What Products are Sold in a Tactical Shop

What Products are Sold in a Tactical Shop

Tactical shops are a constant source of various riot gear and tactical products often available even to civilians. If you are looking for some security gear or riot gear for sale, make sure you read this article first. Here, we reveal the types of tactical gear and explain what exact kinds of tactical products you may need depending on your duty and goals.

Types of tactical products sold in shops

Tactical shops offer a wide range of riot gear for civilians. Indeed, since many tactical products are not considered weapons, almost anyone above 18 years old can buy such gear in the online tactical shop.

So, what would you expect to find in a tactical gear online shop? Here are some basic categories.

Wear / Clothing / Apparel

Tactical clothing is hands down one of the most popular tactical products on the market. Surely, many times you may have seen yourself a lot of people wearing tactical shirts or military pants almost everywhere, way beyond the range of tactical or military applications. Such popularity of tactical apparel is understandable: this wear offers the optimal balance between comfort, freedom of movement, and handsome outfit.

Clothing you can find in an online tactical shop include:

  • Tactical jackets. Aside from the always-welcome camouflage colors, such jackets offer relaxed fit for better comfort, a lot of pockets to put tools and gadgets into, and reinforced armpits and elbows for increased durability.
  • Tactical pants. Unlike your everyday jeans, tactical pants survive much harsher conditions easily thanks to sturdier yet comfortable materials, and also offer a lot of both smaller and more spacious pockets.
  • Tactical vests are another way to equip yourself with everything you may need in almost any situation: from knives and lights to medpacks. The vest can be put on over your conventional clothes.
  • Tactical footwear and headwear. Your feet are as important as your head is. Tactical footwear offers extra durability plus reliable fixation of your ankles. And the helmet protects your head and face against projectiles, direct hits and ricochets.

Tactical and riot gear / Accessories

This category is also present in almost any security shop. Apparently, if you are serious about going tactical, clothing is just the beginning of the trip. There are tons of tactical accessories on the market designed to improve your functionality and comfort as well as providing some additional capabilities and protection.

Examples of tactical equipment include:

  • Eyewear. When a full helmet would be an overkill, a set of tactical glasses gives the required protection for your eyes and a cool look for you.
  • Pouches, bags, backpacks. The type of tactical apparel that you will hardly miss if you aim for a mission - be that just a weekend at the shooting range or a real danger during your police duty. Extra compartments and pockets provide a place to store your riot gear and tools and are designed to provide the quickest access to them.
  • Tactical belts offer a place to store items too, but more importantly they provide almost instant access to them. Belts are for handcuffs, holsters and special MOLLE webbing to secure any other gear you may need quickly.
  • Protection. This category includes protection for your hands, knees, elbows, hearing protection and so on.

Tactical tools

Tactical tools are known for being reliable, functional and durable in comparison with mass-market products. The tools often found in tactical shops are:

  • Knives. A tactical knife is your best friend when it comes to many situations. A good tactical knife can cut, slice, pierce, chop and remain sharp as your ma-in-law’s tongue for a long time.
  • Multitools. A swiss-knife that encompasses multiple tools available at your discretion: a knife (yes, of course), a saw, a screwdriver, pliers, scissors and many more. Often comes in tactical black coating.
  • Other tools include flashlights, eyesights, medical packs, etc.

Who needs tactical gear?

Based on our experience, almost all people display some interest in tactical or riot gear once in a while. However, there are several customer categories who buy tactical products more often than not.

First of all, we are talking about those who have the legal right to use weapons, of course. These are policemen, law enforcement officers, guards, SWAT etc. Not only do these people use tactical gear a lot, they are often required to do so.

Then, there are those who find tactical outfit and gear best fitting and all practical. These are hunters, hikers, sports tourists and military enthusiasts. They prefer comfort and function over everything else, and that’s quite reasonable: you certainly would not think much about style and look on a shooting range.

Often, workers in many professions that imply outdoor activity also prefer military or tactical wear over specialized clothing and apparel. Why? Simply because tactical and riot gear offered in online shops offer the best price to quality ratio. Also, tactical wear offers additional protection from moisture and elements, and tactical boots are just too awesome to ignore if you are, say, a geodesist.


Now you see: a range and assortment of tactical products in online shops is overwhelming. offers a rich choice of options too. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our products.

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