Expert Entry Tool CarRake by 5.11 Tactical

3.20 LBS
  • Expert Entry Tool CarRake by 5.11 Tactical
  • Expert Entry Tool CarRake by 5.11 Tactical
  • Expert Entry Tool CarRake by 5.11 Tactical
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The CarRake is unique in the market with its multiple functions. As two tools in one, it can be utilized as a vehicle breakn'rake, and as a seat belt cutter. With the "breakn'rake" feature, the tool allows the operator the ability to penetrate all types of windows including laminated and security and privacy glass in all newer model vehicles with noise reduction glass technology where window punches and batons are no longer effective. The rake tool pulls glass shard out of the window frame. The seat belt cutter allows for ease of grabbing the seat belt and the rounded cutter feed port prevents additional injury to vehicle occupants. The tools 18" length keeps the operator at a safe distance from occupant while in use.

Hydraulic pipe steel shaft for strength combined with a serrated edged hooked breakn'rake shaped working end and seat belt cutter tool on opposite side. Tool ends are constructed of a propriety full hardened carbonized steel alloy for maximum tool life.

The CarRake's design ensures diverse tool functionality with its unique head shape providing extreme impact, glass removal and seat belt cutting capabilities. Ensures reduced time on the breaching site and maximum tool leverage in critical situations.


  • 3 lbs
  • 19.5" length
  • Weighted head for effective glass penetration
  • Serrated rake for safe clearance of window glass
  • Integrated seatbelt-cutter for rapid extrication
  • Full Hardened Steel Heads 50-HRC Hardness Rockwell C-Scale
  • Made in the USA
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