Red-Dot Selection: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Optic

Red-Dot Selection: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Optic

50 years ago literally the only option to improve your aiming you had was optical sights or scope. Today contemporary technologies deliver a wide range of possibilities to assist accuracy: reflex sights, red dot sights, magnifiers, holosights. Selecting the right optic can be a pain in the you-know-where. To help you make your choice, here is a brief list of tips for choosing red-dot sights.

A few words about red dot sights

Red dot sights are an amazing piece of equipment almost anyone should have. They are lightweight, compact, rigid, and simple as a hammer. There are also available for almost any type of weaponry: there are red dot tactical optical sights, red dot for a rifle, red dot for a pistol, and even red dot bow sights.

That being said, you still can easily waste your money if you buy an inappropriate red dot sight. So we gathered a few tips for you to help you select the best optics for your shooting goals.

Optical sights: tips on choosing them

Scanning the web, you can see a lot of “how to’s” and “tips and tricks”. This is yet another one, but we tried to deliver some less known tips for choosing the right red dot optics.

Tip 1: Choosing the right type of the red dot sight

There are various types of red dot sights:

Red dot for a pistol

Red dots designed to mount on pistols are also called mini red dot sights. There are relatively lighter and more compact than other red dots. This is to compensate for the lower weight of pistols and hence allow shooter using pistol with the attached red dot sight easier.

Red dot for a rifle

Rifles seem to be a natural weapon to install a red dot sight onto. Hunting rifles or assault rifles are equally well prepared for a good red dot sight, possibly along with a magnifier for working at the long range.

Red dot for a bow

Yes, there are red dot sight models that you can mount on your sport bow to improve shooting. A red dot image over the target lets you put an arrow after arrow directly to the bull’s-eye.

Tip 2: Choose the proper reticle size and shape

Red dots with the adjustable reticle is a must, I tell you. As for the size, you should look for reticle size between 2 minutes of angle (MOA) and 4 MOA. Larger than 4 MOA would obscure a large portion of the target making it difficult to aim at longer ranges. Smaller than 2 MOA reticle is barely visible at close range.

Reticle shapes, though, are not that straightforward. Yes, many shooters prefer a simple dot, as it allows acquiring the target faster. However, crosshairs, circles, or triangles also have their uses. For example, a circle reticle works as a quick range estimation tool.

Tip 3: Adjustable brightness is must-have

For better accuracy and quicker target acquiring, make sure to set the brightness right. This, of course, requires that the red dot allowed for adjusting the brightness in the first hand. The highest brightness if recommended for close range target that pose maximum threat. At longer ranges, you can set the brightness to minimum to reduce interference of the red dot reticle with the image of the target. Don’t worry about the battery. Even with maximum brightness, it will easily last for 2-3 years.

Tip 4: Selecting red dot sights if you have astigmatism

The red dot may look anything but the dot if you have astigmatism. Surely, this makes aiming more difficult. When you have astigmatism, you cornea has a non-typical form, so the light going through it changes it path slightly depending on conditions. And many people do not even know they are astigmatic!

So if you purchased a red dot sight and the red dot looks strange, I mean strangely shaped, look like a star or an oval, etc. – may be it is not the red dot sight broken, but you have astigmatism.

Tip 5: Allow for a magnifier in the future

Red dot sights are known to be perfectly ready to use along side with a magnifier. Installing a magnifier behind the red dot sight allows you to get better accuracy and enjoy all the benefits of a red dot sight at a longer distance.

New red dot sights

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