Byrna Gun - A New Trendy Player in the Less Lethal Weapons League

Byrna Gun - A New Trendy Player in the Less Lethal Weapons League

Protecting yourself in dangerous situations where there is a serious risk to the health or well-being of your loved ones or yourself requires certain preliminary preparations. But even if you are not ready for firearms yet (or simply do not want to take such responsibility), you should pay attention to non-lethal weapons. Designed to be available to almost everyone, less lethal weapons deliver enough stopping capability to defend you in potential harmful situations while having a number of advantages as well.

And one of the best options among less lethal weapons is Byrna Gun. Here is why.

What is Byrna Gun

Byran Gun is a contemporary self-defense device capable of shooting various types of non-lethal bullets including pepper balls, kinetic balls, or balls with a combination of pepper gas and tear gas.

Entry-level Byrna Gun models do not try to mimic real pistols or rifles. Instead, they have a distinctive and instantly recognizable look. At the same time, even so the orange or purple pistol may not look too serious, one should not underestimate the power of this launcher. Byrna Gun is a capable less lethal self-protection gun that can guarantee safety to you and your family.

Let’s see what’s good about Byrna Gun that made it a new major player in the less lethal weapons league.

Advantages of Byrna Gun

The main advantages of Byrna Gun are:

  1. 100% legal. Byrna Gun is a non-lethal weapon that does not require any specific registration or permits since the federal law does not consider it a firearm.
  2. Stops most threats. The launcher imposes enough energy to the projectile to allow accurate shooting at 60 fts or more. And the pepper spray ammo will make sure the treat is neutralized.
  3. Easy to use. Byrna Gun is practically ideal for novices, but is equally good for those who have some weapon experience. You will be able to defend yourself after minimum practicing.
  4. Lightweight. The low weight of Byrna Gun allows you to put it into a bag, or carry it with you in a holster.
  5. Suits for almost everyone. Little recoil plus low weight make Byrna Gun launcher an ideal self-defense device for women.
  6. Affordable. Byrna Gun is one of the most cost-effective solutions for self-protection, especially in terms of value for the price.

How to use Byrna Gun

The launcher is really easy to use, by design. Loading ammo to the gun is a matter of releasing the magazine and inserting projectiles one by one into the magazine. Loading the CO2 cylinder is as simple as you expect from a user-friendly device. And that’s it! Your Byrna Gun is ready to defend you.

To start launching projectiles, release the safety lever and you are done. Aim and pull the trigger just like you’d do with any other pistol.

Note that you may need some practice within the first hours of using the Byrna Gun launcher to familiarize yourself with the gun, find the most comfortable grip and optimal balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a firearm?

No. Under federal laws such less lethal weapons as Byrna Gun are not firearms. It is absolutely legal to carry it and use it without any permits.

Is Byrna Gun legal?

Yes. It is legal in 50 states across the U.S. No permits are required.

Can I travel with Byrna?

You can even travel with Byrna 100% legally across the U.S., even by air as long as you do not leave the borders of the U.S. This means no checks, no waiting etc.

However, if you plan to visit other countries make sure you read and understand the local laws beforehand, because Byrna may be considered a firearm there, and hence it may be prohibited to possess the launcher or use it.

Is Byrna Gun really efficient?

Yes. The launcher accelerates projectiles up to fascinating 340 feet per second (depends on the model), and thus delivers enough energy to stop almost any threat. And high accuracy of the shot allows you to keep the threat on distance. Also, Byrna Gun’s construction allows delivering multiple shots almost instantaneously, increasing overall damaging capacity and therefore your safety too.

Is Byrna Gun better than a pepper spray canister?

Both are non-lethal weapons that allow you to defend yourself in various situations. At the same time, each product has its own intended applications, pros and cons.

Sprays are efficient only at close distance, but allow you to shoot almost without aiming thanks to large area of exposure. The main disadvantage is possible backfire: at close range you can fall a victim to your own pepper spray cloud.

Byrna Gun is a non-lethal pepper projectile launcher. It remains accurate on distances up to 80 feet, and hence is a mid-range less lethal gun. The pepper ammo balls easily break on hit and release a cloud of pepper powder or tear gas. Thanks to rapid fire, you will most likely have time to shoot several times before the threat gets close to you, thus increasing your chances to stop it.

The only principal disadvantage of Byrna Gun is that you need to aim before shooting. This requires a bit of practice before you can efficiently use the launcher. At the same time, only kinetic projectiles require precise aiming. Pepper ammo releases the pepper gas on any hit, so no bull’s eye shot are required.

Overall, Byrna Gun is extremely friendly to novices, so it can be recommended as a self-defense measure literally to anyone.

Is Byrna Gun reliable?

Yes. Byrna Gun lacks the main disadvantage of other less lethal pneumatic weapons. The CO2 cartridge in Byrna remains sealed until you pull the trigger for the first time. Only when you do, the CO2 cylinder is punctured. Such design greatly increases reliability of the Byrna pepper ball launcher, and allows you to carry it with you ready to protect you. You don’t have to worry about a rubber seal bleeding air that turns your pneumatic gun into a useless toy.

Also, the insertion mechanism of CO2 cartridges on Byrna prevents over tightening, so you cannot incidentally damage the launcher.

Marketing aside, what is the real effective range of Byrna Gun?

Depending on the model (EP, SВ or LE), Byrna Gun remains accurate up to 80 ft. This is a real and tested effective range. Note however, that you may need to practice a bit in order to build up your skills.

How to properly care for Byrna Gun?

When you do not use the launcher, keep it in a dry place, out of the reach of children. Make sure to clean and oil the gun before you put it on storage. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for other maintenance requirements.

What are other Byrna products?

Byrna offers a range of self-defense devices including pepper sprays, kinetic ball launchers, pneumatic pistol and rifle launchers, alarms, non-lethal ammunition for 12-gauge rifles and various accessories for Byrna Gun including holsters, ammo, CO2 cartridges, laser sights, and spare magazines.

If you need a consultation on Byrna Gun pistol launchers, or other Byrna products, or if you want to purchase Byrna Gun right now, please do not hesitate to contact BattleSteel®️ specialists. We will be happy to guide you through the choice process.

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