Bulletproof Blankets for Kids to Protect Them In Case of School Shootings

Since the shooting incident in Columbine, a number of school shooting incidents has abruptly increased. Overall, since 2015 there were 304 shootings reported. Year 2023 alone has brought 198 shooting incidents so far. The tragedies were reported even in elementary schools.

The manufacturers of bullet-resistant gear responded to the dangerous trend with bulletproof school backpacks and bulletproof blankets. In this article we’ll talk about the latter.

What is bulletproof blankets

Bulletproof blankets are special sheets made of bullet-resistant materials. Most common materials are synthetic fibers (Kevlar) or polyethylene (Dyneema). The blanket is compact and lightweight enough to be carried by a small kid. They also can be stored compactly in the class room to quickly take them out in emergency.

What threats bulletproof blankets can protect from

The blankets are made from the same bullet-resistant materials as body armor and tactical ballistic shields are made from. The bullet-resistant blankets are tested against the same common threats as the professional body armor and are ranked accordingly.

For example, a ballistic blanket ranked Level IIIA can protect from such pistol rounds as 9 mm and .44 Magnum as well as from fragmentation damage and debris caused by tornado. Surely, in the world where fierce shootings in first classes in our schools are the reality, considering a way to protect kids from this threat is the least we can do.

Ballistic blankets for kids were developed based on shooting statistics we have. We know that in most cases shooters come to schools with hand guns, so the blanket can deal with the majority of potential threats even in case of a direct shot. And it still remains effective to protect children from wild shooting and fluke hits even if the intruder brings in more powerful weapons.

One more protective effect of a bulletproof blanket that a bulletproof backpack lacks is its size. Unlike a backpack that provides only minimal coverage from the back, a blanket can cover a crouched kid completely. Not only does this mean better ballistic and fragmentation protection, but the blanket also hides the kid visually, making it harder for a criminal to aim and hence to harm the kid.

Advantages of bulletproof blankets for kids

Aside from ballistic protection, here are some key points you should know about:

  • Military-level bullet-resistant materials. Yes, technically the blankets are bullet-resistant, not bullet-proof, because unfortunately there are no technical means to guarantee 100% safety from any kind of existing ballistic threats.
  • Protect against up to 90% of firearms used in school shooting historically.
  • Lightweight. Despite its large area of coverage, a ballistic blanket for kids is lightweight and foldable, so it does not takes a lot to wear it, hold it, or store it when it is not needed.
  • Unfolds in seconds. The design of the blanket allows to unfold it virtually in one move and wrap it around a child for almost instant protection. You can also easily fasten the blanket to the kid.
  • Straps to hold the blanket or keep it in place. The blanket has straps that make it easy to attach a blanket to the user and allow the kid to move while remaining protected. The straps can also be used to attach the bulletproof blanket to doorways or window ports.
  • Distinctive color. While tactical bulletproof blankets are usually black, the purpose of bullet-resistant blankets for kids is to signal to rescue teams about the location of kids in the school where a shooting incident happened. The bright orange color of blankets allow the rescue team finding kids easier and evacuating them to a safe place faster.

How much does a bulletproof blanket for kids cost?

Since we are talking about military-grade materials such as UHMWPE used to manufacture ballistic helmets and body armor, the price for bullet-resistant blankets is higher. A typical shop will offer a bulletproof blanket for children for $1000 or so on average.

Yes, the price is high, so the majority of schools can only buy ballistic blankets for kids with the support of federal or state authorities. But these blankets are not only for school. In fact, they can protect your kid in many other places too: shopping centers, theme parks, even on the street while the kid is on his or her way home.

At BattleSteel, we use our long-term relationships with the best manufacturers of bullet-resistant gear to provide you with the most affordable prices for bulletproof blankets. And if you need more info about our products, please don’t hesitate to ask.

This article is the author's opinion and does not represent the official position of BattleSteel®️

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